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Don’t call me Ishmael.

For the longest time my desktop has been set to an image of a White Whale.

Moby Dick, and later Urban Dictionary, agree that someone’s White Whale is something

one obsesses over, continually chases, but in the end never captures.

Maybe so.

But hopefully not.

In this industry it’s easy to forget, and forgive, seemingly small decisions.

It’s fine as it is. It’s just a banner. But the client needed it yesterday.

No-one will ever see it. There will be other briefs ... To me this is tragic.

Every brief, and certainly there are some that just can’t, holds an opportunity.

To delight someone, to redefine a category, to inspire change or just make someone feel something.

I mean wow, what a privilege.

So I keep my white whale in front of me because it is about chasing, and caring,

and remaining fiercely tenacious, and capturing the White Whale of ideas.

(Admittedly, I still don’t feel i have done the thing, or the things, that I wanted to do yet.)

So yes I chase it, and obsess over it, and maybe I won’t capture the White Whale or Whales

- one can dream, can’t they? - but I remain ridiculously optimistic.


Just call me Bibi.


I’m an art director, creative director - and have even been a group creative director.

I have worked on almost every kind of thing since 1998.

Except Lego. And Apple. And ... okay maybe not everything.

I’ve been lucky enough to participate on a couple of International Advertising Award juries,

and have earned some along the way.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, my dog and my barely alive house plants.

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