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The South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius fatally shot his girlfriend in 2013.

The lengthy and hghly publicized trial put the spotlight once again on the high levels of gun violence throughout South Africa.

Every day, eighteen people are shot and killed and over 50 firearms are stolen or lost.

Legally and illegally owned firearms perpetuate this problem.

Gun Free South Africa leveraged this furor to highlight the dangers of owning a firearm.


We kicked off with this national radio spot.

We placed the following ads into newspaper, transit areas and public service buildings.

And then we made it into a TV spot.


We targeted a major commuter route to raise awareness of the effects of global warming.

We ran the billboard for six weeks. Once we had revealed our message in the fourth week, we handed out leaflets to the commuters.

The leaflets contained information on how the public could reduce their carbon footprint.

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