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In 2001 Gerber Purity - the baby food brand - separated into two different brands.

However the product remained identical. It was therefore time to give Purity its own identity and a very necessary update from its 1950’s persona. 

So we decided to go to the factory. And we learned a lot.

The delivery of specific minerals, vitamins and nutrients are imperative to not just for a baby’s first three years of mental and physical development,

but in fact to the rest of their lives. And since all moms want the best for their child, we positioned Purity Baby Food at the heart of this potential success.

The long-game approach differentiated the Purity brand from competitor brands that were still focusing on baby’s first three years and range of flavors.

In print, we opted to switch up the popular "It's a Boy!" and "It's a Girl!" paraphernalia with something a little more ambitious.

We took our more inspired "It's a _______" message and applied it the Birth Announcement page in local newspapers.

We further applied our concept to actual products like giftwrap, greeting cards and foil balloons and made them available for purchase

at stationary stores and hospital gift shops.

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