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When Neotel approached us they were in the unique position of being the first direct opposition to Telkom, a parastatal telecommunications company renowned for their under delivery.

Neotel promised true convergence, unlimited bandwidth and the fastest connection speeds, something that was unheard of at the time. Finally, South Africans were going to experience  unrestricted service. 

This was my very first TV spot. It also earned a Cannes Film Shortlist. Not the worst start.)


Plascon Velvaglo is a kind of wonder paint.

It is weatherproof. It is chip proof. It is steam proof. It is food proof. It is fade proof.

And it comes in virtually any color you think of. 

You can apply it to interior walls. Exterior walls. It never runs. It never drips. And it always paints in a perfectly even application. We had to find a way of communicating all of these product proofs without boring our audience.

We borrowed the infomercial format from daytime TV and changed the language from English to Yugoslavian.


The South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) has three television channels. (Yes, it's Africa.)

Each channel had a different identity skewing to particular viewership.

SABC 1 offered vernacular programming.

SABC 2 offered wholesome (*read conservative) family viewing.

And SABC 3 / Red Sky Broadcasting was the most popular as it aired American programming.

We developed print and outdoor campaigns that either promoted the channel or specific programming.


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